Dreams Will Come True: Have Patience and Be Positive

There is a famous quote: “All dreams come true someday”.Well, before I elaborate any further on this or share my philosophy on this quote.Let me first take an opportunity to brief all my readers and set the context appropriately.Let me also clarify that my thoughts are not referring to a common man achieving fame, status, adulation, wealth and becoming a Celebrity over night or a highly successful business tycoon or a renowned man or a strong, powerful politician.I’m actually delighted to share my personal experiences and conclude that most of my dreams have come and have got fulfilled in some way or the other in this life.I believe dreams are never small or big. They could be material, romantic or creative ones.If I were to define dream, they are recurring desire, an intrinsic urge to achieve something or accomplish something one would cherish or has been looking forward to for quite some time.You love to think and feel passionately about it, dream about it throughout the day, you are desperate to achieve it and are touched when someone talks about it. In short, it’s your treasure and is dear to you. And the moment you visualize it has been achieved, you are on cloud nine, on seventh heaven.The feeling is as joyous and special as climbing the Mount Everest or going to space or becoming a billionaire. It’s a driving force that can make you work for hour’s non-stop. It drives you to work hard, go that extra mile, and be optimistic even under most strenuous circumstances.I have been dreaming about different things and here’s an interesting list of my dreams that have come true till now.

I used to dream of having my own blog, writing my articles and posting them on my blog to inspire my near and dear ones. These articles getting acknowledged or certified by a website was like a step further, not seen in my dream though. I always wanted to write on variety of topics, something positive, to motivate myself and others without even an aorta of negativity or criticism like critics criticizing on any topic. I didn’t discover my creative streak till the day I sat down and wrote a beautiful poem complimented by several people.Featuring in an advertisement like a professional model was really wonderful. And it actually happened with me being able to get an advertisement on social media endorsing a safety campaign for a renowned car brand with a pivotal role in it with numerous compliments for my performance.Being a health freak, I’m rather obsessed with health. Dream of taking up activities of fitness on ongoing basis – being able to do yoga, pranayama, Surya namaskar, aerobics, dance, joining a gym. Participating in a marathon was another reason of my happiness. It was a very pleasant experience to finish 5 Kms in just 25 mins and being in top 50 in the Marathon.Being able to work in spiritual domain and counselling people to eliminate or at least reduce problems in their life is another example of a dream getting fulfilled.Becoming a father of a beautiful daughter and having great fun playing with her every single day. The feelings, affection, love you get in this relationship cannot be described in words.Being able to coach on personality development, Corporate World, Soft Skills thus influencing hundreds of young men and women to work positively towards their goals is nothing less than an achievement and a recurring dream coming true.Working for a social cause and contributing towards welfare of our society. I’m thankful to God that I got a wonderful opportunity to work for a Non-Governmental organization thereby contributing towards a constructive cause of educating the poor children. A dream worth living a hundred lives.Being invited to a Management Institute as Guest of Honour to share my professional journey with them. I was appreciated for being able to inspire them with my thoughts and experiences. I dreamt about this and it transformed into reality.There is one golden rule which I have realized all these years. If you want your dreams to become reality, one has to be patient and have belief in oneself with a strong conviction and motivation to pursue these dreams.Dreams have to be converted to reality by constantly working towards them. Working hard, putting in-efforts and consistently reminding yourself.Another thing I would like to share is that I always convey my best wishes to people especially on their birth day “May God bless you and all your dreams come true”. Wishing something positive for people at least your near and dear ones always helps. As our elders say, there is Goddess Saraswati sitting on our tongue. Whether you speak something nice or nasty, chances are it might come true. So, speak nice, positive and good for everyone. This Universe is made up of atoms. Positive atoms release positive energy and the impact multiplies and vice versa.

Pouring water to Sun is an excellent example of generating positive energy. Sun radiates and blesses this Universe with its abundant light, energy and power. Have positive vibes around you. Do things to have “feel good factor” and work in positive environment. This will nurture your brain, your morale, motivation levels and consequently your dreams. Stay away from negative people as they clutter your mind and might create obstacles in fulfilling your dreams.Mythological finding also states: what you give, comes back to you. You donate, have noble thoughts, put-in sincere efforts, speak humble, and do good deeds. In reciprocation, good things will happen with you most of the time. You do bad karma, utter ugly words, bad will eventually follow you, your work gets spoiled and you suffer from negative thoughts.Scientifically too, it has been proved time and again, negative energy sucks your mind, body and soul and results in loads of negativity. While, positive energy attracts positive thoughts. So, be positive encouraging, and cheerful. Things will fall in place sooner or later.Lastly, dream big, have faith in your abilities and in the universe, keep reminding, so that the dreams remain in your sub conscious mind and some day you go beyond your dreams when you reach your destination. God bless!

Three Reasons Why Your Safety Programs Are Not Improving Safety Performance!

Three Reasons Why Your Safety Programs Are Not Improving Safety Performance, Creating a Culture of Safety, or Achieving Zero! Implementing or deciding to implement an active “safety program” is a vital step in providing for safety performance improvement. However, the majority of companies/organizations do not take a long-term view of their goals and, subsequently, implement plans that are theoretically “empty.” As with many programs that see minimal success or goal achievement, they often become less and less of a focus by the organization and ultimately end up cancelled or just forgotten. If your company has already implemented a “safety program” with minimal to little success, there are typically three independent or combined reasons why that safety program is, and will not be, successful!

1. Zero Injuries has not been established as the only safety performance goal that is acceptable!

2. Your “safety program” is ineffective, obsolete, and unaccepted.

3. Your “safety program” does not employ conditioning models, means, and methods.

Reason 1: Zero injuries have not been established as the only goal that is acceptable!

How many companies have set the goal of Zero for their safety performance? They have probably set the goal of Zero for product defects, quality issues, production downtime, late deliveries, and customer service complaints! If you have set the goal of Zero for any other function within your operation, why not for safety performance? Do you believe that “accidents and injuries just happen and that they are a part of doing business” or “accidents are inevitable?” “Other industries or companies can achieve Zero but the nature of our product/service and operations/production is inherently risky and, therefore, Zero is unobtainable!” Does Zero seem like an unrealistic goal? Would you agree that establishing a goal at anything greater than Zero sends the wrong message to management, employees, and staff? What does it say if you set a goal greater than Zero? Are some accidents okay? What accidents are acceptable? When put into this context, isn’t the obvious answer Zero? No accident is okay and none are acceptable! When Zero is established as the only acceptable standard for safety performance, the management, employees, and staff all have a defined goal that can be visualized and achieved.

Can Zero be Achieved? Think of it this way: Most organizations are already at Zero at any given moment. Companies go through stretches of time when there are zero incidents, accidents, or injuries. It is the lack of cultural conditioning that prevents many from consistently achieving Zero. The safety performance standards across all industries have increased substantially over the last several years. Many companies from all types of industries have set Zero as their goal–and many have achieved this incredible accomplishment! Construction, manufacturing, and mining companies have achieved Zero; records in excess of 8,000,000 man-hours without a lost time injury have been achieved. Zero can be achieved!

Reason 2: Your current “safety program” is ineffective, obsolete, and not accepted by employees. The reality is that most companies already have a safety plan or program. These plans or programs typically exist in three forms; the “Compliance” plan, the “Cost Cutting” program, and the “How To” program.

The “Compliance” Safety Plan“Compliance” plans are typically implemented for regulatory compliance, i.e., OSHA or other regulatory requirements. Every company should have a compliance safety plan in place. In the case of an accident or injury, the regulatory agency or insurance company will request a copy of this plan. If there is no plan in place there may be severe penalties, fines, and associated costs. Compliance is only one aspect of an effective safety plan. They have little or no visibility by the employees and often do not provide methods for improving an employee’s culture and behavior towards eliminating risk or preventing incidents, accidents or injuries.

The “Cost-Cutting” Program - These are safety programs implemented for the sole purpose of “cost cutting” or “profit improvement measures.” Nothing destroys, on inception, a safety program which is implemented on the basis of “cost cutting” or “profit improvement measures.”Employees are bombarded with cost improvement measures annually, new programs, methods, equipment, and of course new management. All of these cost improvement measures do little, if anything, to improve the employee’s safety or motivation towards improving safety. Employees view these as empty programs and as another attempt to enrich others, namely the owners, and/or management of the company.

The “How to” Program - “How to” programs are tools in the quest for improved safety performance and achieving Zero. However, they often fail because there is no attempt to change the thinking, and therefore the actions, of your employees. Implementation of “How to” programs will allow the employees and management to gain a level of acceptance as they acknowledge that there are risks and the goal is to eliminate these risks via proper techniques and process. These programs are often one dimensional as they focus only on a particular activity or process, and they do little to change the thinking towards safe activity. All of these safety plans or programs contain missing links to improved safety performance. They fail to introduce and promote the use of vital techniques and strategies to enable employees to; 1. Achieve enrollment into and acceptance of the plan/program. 2. Identify and eliminate risk and prevent incident & accidents.In general these “plans” fail to protect the individuals who will benefit the most from an advanced culture of safety and improved safety performance.

Reason 3: Your “safety program” does not employ behavior “Conditioning Models”.

“Beliefs and attitudes equal culture which determines actions.”

Olympic athletes use proven physical and mental means and methods to improve their athletic performance and to condition their bodies and minds to achieve greatness and ultimately Olympic Gold. Conditioning the body and mind for success is the only way to achieve superior performance. Many safety programs fall short in providing strategies, techniques, means and methods that enable companies to obtain true cultural conditioning and behavior change. Typically they neglect to offer the following;

Behavior modification through risk identification/elimination and incident/accident prevention. At the core of most incidents and injuries is at-risk behavior. Employees not understanding, ignoring or assessing risk improperly. Risk elimination and incident prevention must be a fundamental component of any program. It provides for identification, assessment, and management of conditions and activities that have the potential to adversely affect people and assets. Anticipation of potential incidents helps in the development of efficient and effective risk mitigation and or incident prevention. A combination and collection of known activities, procedures, and tools that attempt to educate and forever condition employees’ behaviors, as well as enhances their abilities to eliminate risk and prevent incidents. These programs, activities, and processes must be thoroughly integrated into day-to-day activities.

Some Examples include; ·

  • Human Resource Practices
  • Safety Discipline Policy
  • Pre-shift/Work/Job Meetings
  • Safety Audits ·
  • Job Task Analysis & Training (JTAT) ·
  • Near-Miss Reporting (NMR)
  • Root Cause Analysis (RCA)
  • Employee Safety Suggestion
  • Safety Data Management

Proactive program assessment, progress, and benchmarking activities through surveys & questionnaires. Measuring the affects of an intuitive, program, plan, or operational change incrementally is the key to making progress towards the goals. The majority of safety programs or plans do not incorporate a method for assessing the advancement of the plan and its affects on employees and management other than counting incidents, accidents, or injuries. This reactive method does not allow for either benchmarks or advances to be evaluated. Develop or obtain a survey or questionnaire can provide a “barometer” of the affects of the plan/programs progress. With this information and data, employees and management can gauge the affects of the plan at regular intervals. Determining the status of these factors provides practical and proactive data so that means and methods can be directed/redirected towards individuals or areas of concern. v Progressive Reward Programs and Recognition Events. In an advanced culture of safety the primary motivator for employees’ safety performance is going home alive, unhurt, and insuring that their co-workers do the same everyday. Rewards and recognition reinforce and enhance confidence and pride and strengthen an individual’s desire to achieve improve their safety environment and performance. Recognizing and encouraging the use of incentives, rewards, and performance-based recognition events is as vital to encouraging and promoting the any safety plan or program. Some key elements of successful reward programs are;

  1. Match the reward or recognition to the action or event. A reward too little discourages involvement; too much allows no room for up ward movement on values as the program progresses.
  2. Match the reward or recognition with employee, staff and community demographic. Understanding what is considered an incentive or reward will vary greatly based on the employee group socioeconomic and ethnicity basis.
  3. Rewards programs and recognition events should be fun, progressive and utilized for both promotion and achievement.
  4. Ensure rewards and recognition are timely and specific. The reward must be presented at the time of the event.
  5. Improving safety is a significant event and, therefore, should have an equal reward and recognition for achieving. It should be celebrated.
  6. Rewards and recognition should not be considered a depreciating asset. Safety Performance is Great Business. Budget for rewards and recognition not injuries and incidents annually.

Achieving improved safety performance requires that a program not only include “how” to be safe but “why” it is imperative that we act safely. By taking advantage of and providing means and methods to conditioning the thoughts, actions, and behaviors of management and employees we can enhance understanding of safety and why safe activity is imperative to both the individuals and the organization.

Safety Performance is Great Business! Top performing companies around the world seek out and implement performance improvement in all areas. They are constantly identifying new or improved means and methods for products or services, sales and marketing, work flow, engineering systems, customer service, accounting methods, information technology, and safety performance. They recognize that improved performance in all areas of the business will typically result in great company performance and enable a company to grow. The quest for improvement in these areas is conditioned, however, and the actions by the employees and staff reflect that conditioning. New equipment designs that eliminate risk but also improve quality and production efficiency have been developed and, in some cases, have become the industry standard. Improved work-flow processes that provide risk elimination together with improved efficiency and cost reductions have been developed and implemented based on improving safety performance. Ultimately, this process does affect the bottom line, positively. The power that you unleash when your employees are engaged in improving your business goes beyond the P&L, and it is great business. A culture or safety enables individuals, independently or as a group, to seek out, initiate, and improve their safety environment. It becomes self-promoting, an energy source pulsing through the organization. It is extremely powerful and rewarding to see it in action, and see people excited about safety, focused on identifying risks and at-risk behaviors, looking out for others, and going home safely every day. Eliminating risks and unsafe behaviors becomes a way of life at work, at play, and at home! Safety Performance is great business and the culture that evolves when you strive for it is powerful. It is true that when safety performance advances there are significant financial benefits to the organization. It also provides additional positive benefits in other aspects of your business including:

  • Employee motivation, morale and retention!
  • Business & operational processes improvements.
  • Insurance company confidence and insurance cost reductions.

Safety performance is great business; however, this is subordinate to the enthusiasm, sense of achievement, and pride that is felt by all when not one individual is injured or killed on or off the job. It is truly powerful and your company or organization can achieve this incredible goal. Visit www.ZeroIsLife.com to find out more about the Zero is Life Safety Performance Plan.

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